It kills to realise that something one has put a lot of effort in, is lost. Today I was fortunate enough to judge a declamation contest in which,though the speakers were not very inspiring, one topic caught my attention. Take care of the small things in life and the big things will all fall into place on their own. The speaker went about citing examples from everyday life. Say an obese person trying to get into shape has to make small efforts to achieve what at the onset might look a mammoth task. I know and realise that all this is right and has to be done to maintain a semblance of normalcy but how would you explain it to some one who has invested say,  all her life in building up a dream and then watched it shatter in front of her eyes?There are people who live through worse circumstances in life and survive beautifully. Such people are exemplary. But does the pain of loss ever die? You may move ahead but it remains with you wherever you go,whatever you do. I don’t understand how the philosophy of taking care of small things apply in this case. I am clueless how to deal with a loss. For some it may be a natural trick of survival, I guess I am slow there…

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