it is said that life teaches you at every stage.we r learners all our lives…one learns to live with the trials nd turbulences of our being but what is difficult to overcome is the SOLITUDE.. it is difficult to find some1 who can be considered your soulmate…..not all soulmates turn out to b together for life…what happens once such a soulmate leaves your life??????
difficult to think nd more so to cope up with….u may b distracted with time..but does dat pain ever die away????? somebody sent me an interesting msg which goes like dis—-

i hv seen castles made out of sand, met ppl who believe

dat destiny is engraved on d palm of their hands…
i hv seen ppl change their faith,

xperienced love which turns into hate…
i hv seen ppl grow younger with age,

 and a bird who wont fly out of an open cage….
i hv seen love sold for money,
ppl who r devastated inside but outside they r funny…..
i hv seen a unicorn fall in love with a toad,
ppl who owned half the city hv now hit d road…
i hv learnt to xpect d unxpected,
perfection doesnt exist,we all r born defected…
everyone cries,some just hide their tears,
they say coal turns into diamond over a thousand years…
for some u r just another nobody in a million,
but 4 someone u r one in a million…

wat if dat one in a million goes away??????

speaking from xperience…. life never comes to a stand goes on.. and we learn to love it once again… solitude is not natural…it may b there for a stretched period of tym but doesnt last forever… nothing lasts forever…… change is d rule of life.. nd life is for d living… i know its a disoriented piece of writing …. i just dont want to miss on any of my emotions

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