How many times have you asked me-
‘Almost there’, where!!

How many times have you read my ink
with this rhetorical question in your tone!!


How many times have you implied that I deserve better…
Better than you…
What you don’t understand is that I don’t need Perfect.
I need you.

With all your flaws, with all the shortcomings,
With all the travesties of fate,
All I really want is You.
I want us to make a life together.

There are so many things that I have adapted to, ‘effortlessly’,
Just so that I might share a part of you.
Your music, your indulgences, your language, your taste.

How I wish things were a little different, a little in my favor!
There are so many questions I push back because I don’t want to disturb the balance.
The balance that we have forged to move ahead with our ‘situation’.
Love at one end, habit on the other.

We walk a fine line between love and friendship.
‘Let’s call it affection‘, you said
Well, some say – ‘that’ lasts more than love. So let’s try that.
I would agree to anything if it means being with you.

There are times when I ‘Almost’ let you go,
But then you do and say things that warm the cockles of my heart.

There are instances when you ‘Almost’ lose me to your indifference.
But then, you are my home. I can’t go far.

And I am ‘almost always’ back where I started, with you as my axis.

But now I am just a little tired of the ‘Almosts’
I wish I had a life where you loved me ‘Almost’ as much as I do.

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