whose fault is it anywaz………

crumbling edifice
crumbling edifice....

nothing is sadder than witnessing d fall of a titan….
painstakingly built,it is unnerving to c an establishment crumbling down to dust….in d figurative sense ofcourse.
i sat about pondering over its sad demise today…and unsurprisingly i realised dat d answer was right in front of us all d tym but we failed to c …as we failed to realise our own contribution in its disintegration…
feudal ideology was not widout essence u c… wen monarchs ruled they took advise from their ministers..a king who failed to win d loyalty of his subordinates and subjects,couldnt make an impression on history..d same stands true for today’s tym too… a leader shud b able to judge who his/her assets r…ppl who wud gladly give up nything to fulfill ur wishes nd commands,need to b appreciated nd recognised…they need to b told hw important they r…a leader has to open his eyes nd judge 4 himself….
d fate of an institution depends on sound leadership…only being a wonderful human being wont suffice…. i m not a management guru but this little mantra of survival might save my empire (i m merely a subject of d empire) from d doom it is headed for….. Amen

One thought on “whose fault is it anywaz………

  1. Its really true and also is the need of the hour but it rarely happens or else the law of nature that “EVERYTHING HAS AN END” would have gone wrong.


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