if we r born as humans we r sure to hv some qualities and some weak points…..every human has been accorded a chance to build upon whichever side he/she feels comfortable wid…we very often fall into d trap of pumping d wrong side of our personality…it is a human failing which is quite common but then again u dont need to be a super human to c d brighter side of ur character nd flaunt dat to d world…i hv seen ppl around me who r not extraordinary by birth but their clear vision,set principles,flexible beliefs,sweet nature and most importantly d power to read nd understand themselves make them successful in watever they do..they r liked by others…seen as a source of inspiration by many and wat is more important is dat they dont have to strive to be happy or look for reasons to is their reason for pleasure.. its not dat turmoils dont hit them but they take them in their stride…for them it is true ‘can victory be as sweet wen we hv had no failures’…positive thinking comes easily to them…they dont hv to train their minds around the various phases of grows nd they flow along with it… in d end it all comes down to the choices we make in life… let us choose to b happy nd develop a caring attitude for ppl who hv alwayz been there in our lives, loving us inspite of all our shortcomings.. let me value those who value nd love me beyond any reason….today nd forever

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