People say that MOTHERHOOD completes a woman. I had never thought I would come to believe something as basic as that. I have seen so many births in the family that they have stopped affecting me. Infact I don’t remember ever being moved by the feeling of bringing a new life into this world.

For me,  it has always  been routine. One of those things that exists and has minimum impact on me or how I live. It was so,  till this morning.  Then,  my sister gave birth to a baby boy.

I won’t  go as far as saying that it changed my perspective or vision but indeed it gave me an insight on selfless love. For ages now,  I have been using the word EXHILARATED….without actually knowing how it feels to be so. Today I got lucky to sense this emotion too. Ofcourse i couldn’t understand why my heart was palpitating so much or why my breath couldn’t settle for a long time after I heard the nurse break the news to the family but now nearly 12 hours after it all happened, I am grateful that I have lived to experience something as pure and moving as this.

I couldn’t help but notice that sharing the good news with someone who is completely there with you makes it all the more special and easier to digest. I, unfortunately, did not have anyone to share what I felt. So I am pouring my heart out  here for all to read.

may god be kind enuf to provide all around me wid such special pleasures nd most importantly PEOPLE to share them wid….. AMEN

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