“The Man ” stands tall….

tolerance..Every once in a while we come across a book which inspires us to be what we ought to be and not just what we are expected to be…  Irving Wallace’s ‘The Man’ gives us more.. no book lover can remain unmoved by the sheer brilliance of characterization and plot.. The fluidity of events which take place in the life of His Accidency (pun intended) The President of the United States Douglass Dilman, the first amongst his race to reach this high office by an accident of fate,is unnerving..

Written in the 1960s, ‘The Man’ is a the story of a black man who succeeds to the White House as a result of the untimely and unfortunate death of the elected President.. Resented by nearly all his cabinet members, the white house staff and the sceptic and aggrieved people of the country, Douglass Dilman emerges a victor and true leader of his people who are not just blacks..

The inner dilemmas and demons of a Negro in post civil war America have been laid out in simple yet vivid and compelling language.. The Man portrays the daily battle for existence and equality which an Afro-American had to contend with in those spiteful days.. When faced with his impeachment the true grit and mettle of The Man comes forth..

The novel underlines the fact that –

Right is Right, it is not black white yellow or blue…

Beginning with a note of uncertainty about the impact his color and race would bear on the Presidency, Douglass Dilman reaches out and touches the hearts and lives of all those who know him and even those who don’t..

Compulsive reading…

“Fight your demons..never bow down…stand tall”, says The Man..

One thought on ““The Man ” stands tall….

  1. I had read this before u told me to do so n I was totally ‘in’ ur blog. It has encouraged me to try this book not b’coz what it is but how u’ve described it. I think its a beautiful n precise narration of The Man ….


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