Are we ANNA?

The entire nation is engulfed today in  an anti- corruption mood… a mass movement of this proportion had never been thought of in independent man ANNA HAZARE has managed to accomplish something that the collective might of political parties and our elected representatives had failed so far to do…to bring India together like this on one issue is indeed a commendable feat..his lack of political ambition and self less devotion to a larger good has led us to compare Anna with Bapu… we in India had come to believe that mass movements like this are just subject matters of textbooks…not any more… nevertheless, riding high on wave ANNA and in their eagerness to play a part in the first ever mass movement post independence, Indians have, however, overlooked one tiny problem-the issue,which is still CORRUPTION…with a war cry of “I AM ANNA” or “main ANNA hoon”, are we to believe that the entire nation is a group of innocent, system tired individuals who have never indulged in corruption at any point of time… even if we exclude people who have bribed more than once, unwillingly, due to the system,we will still find that most people standing in ANNA’s favour today are the very same who have shamelessly accepted bribes or favors or misused their positions in one way or the other…. can we, then, put all the blame on the elected few and consider our duty done?? can we ever refrain from government bashing?? it isn’t the government’s pleasure to deny the demands of an indefinite fast and public meeting to ANNA and his followers,it is their duty,entrusted to them by us, to maintain law & order in the nation…can anyone guarantee that in a country so full of contradictions and volatile temperaments,a public meeting will not turn violent?? is the government then wrong in putting the restrictions that we are so vehemently opposing today?? what we are witnessing today is ANNARCHY… people who don’t even realise the true import of ANNA’s demands are behind him today,displaying once again our allegiance to MOBOCRACY, a tendency that our democracy has taken to, over the years….should ANNA not,in the true spirit of gandhigiri, implore his followers today to analyse & examine their actions too before they can usurp the right to criticise the system & the government?? can a system be corrupt without its individual units being so??  And who makes the system if not the people?? By all means SUPPORT ANNA but question the system only if you have never faulted on corruption in the past or have vowed never to indulge in it in future… all said and done we are in a dire need of bills such as Lokpal to make our democracy function as it was meant to… but what we REALLY need today are good,sincere and honest citizens who can peep into their conscience and not feel guilty or shame faced about anything that has transpired through them for the Nation…we might not be ANNA today but we certainly hope to become HIM someday…

7 thoughts on “Are we ANNA?

  1. true said, v indians have developed the habit of pointing other so that v can hide our mistake, shoutind against system will not help, v need 2 check ourselves but other side is that people r waking up from d deep slumber it will take time 2 really understand what is protest n how 2 protest, this is only initiation today they r blindly following a person, hoping, that sooner time will come when v will start analysing d issues n its seriousness, learn to deal tactfully n honestfully, its like initial stage like act of 1857, which was small n unorganised but had long term impact.

    happy 2 c u writing here n missing u.


  2. What you’ve said is the gospel truth….we, and I maen all of us who are shouting ourselves hoarse on the streets and on TV screens, on Anna, the Jan Lokpal and ( let’s face it!) an insipid leadership at the centre, have been culpable of dishonesty in our lives- very likely more than once- but that doesn’t take away our right to stand up against the massive wrongs being perpetrated under our noses!
    Very often, we lack the moral courage to confront our transgressions, a palpable proof of cowardice and guilt, and mass movements like these give us a shot at redemption that had eluded us for so long…
    Just a thought….


  3. nice one ma’am……………………………………………..we all must give a thought to all these things……………………………………..


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