new day

it is yet another day…optimists wud insist on it being a new day..
i on my part m glad to hv lived to c one more.
it is difficult to sort out d numerous thots going around in my head right now..its such a jumble..i wud need a lot of practice to be able to sound coherent in my blogs..
specially wen i intend writing to b my catharsis..
yesterday’s incident had me thinking…
mine is not d biggest problem in d world
ppl do survive worse hits too…
mom always say, u cant die of disappointments nd while u r breathing its alwayz gud to live it up rather than drag it down……
so advice taken atleast for today
no more long faces…..
i hv work to do…
i think dis wud work for me

3 thoughts on “new day

  1. And he lives a hundred years, idle and weak, a life of one day is better if a man attained firm strength.

    perform thou right action, for action is superior to inaction, and even the maintenance of thy body would not be possible.

    only performing works, one should desire to live a hundred years………………………..

    Good attempt Lubhita… God bless you.


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