the uncertainty of life

it is indeed a difficult subject to take up right at d beginning of my blogging life but my day today led me to open my eyes to d uncertainty of human life…
dis mrng wen i reached my school,its where i teach,i found my colleagues discussing d accidental death of a family.. what made it all d more heart breaking was d fact dat one of our students (ours is a residential scul) had visitors dis sunday.. her parents nd brother had come to visit her.. 15 mins after they left her in d campus they met with a fatal accident…all of them died a sudden nd terrible death… little did the child realise dat her parents wud never laugh wid her again, dat her brother wud never tease her and never wud she experience dat unbinding love ever again……

nd to think dat last night i was worried about something as irrelevant to living as a lost boyfren…..
wish i cud do something to relieve her of her pain….

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