I am a sensitive and emotional person who loves and craves for the small pleasures of life… I love my parents and am blessed with good  friends who are my extended family..

Writing for me is a kind of catharsis..I love to be with books and around the written word.. I teach for a living..but had there been a choice I would just sit and read to my heart’s content..


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi dear
    Gone through ur some of the write uos. Shd say u r good writer n fir me ur write ups matches my feelings.
    Superb. Keep writing. ……

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  2. no doubt we all have our anna inside ! need to to wake up early as early possible .now the question you finger down that many of supporters are doing corruption in their work areas and also supporting anna to fight against corruption as they thing they are against elected parties and thier law system ,so my dear i just want to add that they are standing for themself only because what bill govt passed earlier that now become joke pal is dangerous for layman,and for anna it proved beneficial because now they are insecurred and stand with anna ,autometically god have given them chance to become ANNA.
    love sangi


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