❤️What if❤️

Lately, when I sit down and ponder
I consistently wonder,
How different it could all have been
Had I met you at a different stage, a different scene!

It is said that there is no what if or if only,
Things are, as they are destined to be.
That, it is all written by God’s infallible hand
To doubt it would tempt divine reprimand.

There has been no reason to regret till now
We reap the fruits of whatever we sow.
Yet, just in this case,
I wish I could trade place
With the one who has you, eternally to cherish,

Oh, How I wish!

They say, forever is promised to no one
So I try and make the most of what I have been given.
But this hope refuses to decline
What if I could prompt fate
And call you ‘MINE’….

7 thoughts on “❤️What if❤️

  1. Simple and beautiful ❤️…….and breathes of Hope !!There is longing ,there is a sense of missing but yet there’s no tone of sadness …..at least I didn’t feel any…..it still has a happy vibe !!love it

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  2. Lovely and knowing that all the things are destined to be the way as planned by god as ,he serves us exactly what we need to us at the best time so that we can really respect his decision. Enjoying the great feeling.

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