It’s just like driving!

What happens when we first learn to drive a car or ride a bike? After the initial apprehensions, a sort of over confidence sets in and combined with the zest of youth, we tend to forgo speed limits, we test our boundaries, we take chances, we know that we would be able to control the vehicle even at that insane speed. We feel a special kind of independence at being able to do things on our own, a self reliance, if you may.

Once the novelty wears off, it becomes routine. Driving or riding may still be synonymous with liberty but the thrill is gone. Gone is the urge to take unnecessary risk. It merely becomes a means of getting things done. At this stage we are more aware of the potholes, the traffic and the wisdom of slowing down and letting others pass. We are surer and more confident of our skills. We learn how to manoeuvre our ride around tight corners, we become adept at getting by without applying abrupt brakes..

Yes, life is a lot like driving.. Infact it is just like driving!

11 thoughts on “It’s just like driving!

  1. जीवन द्वारा समय समय पर प्रस्तुत की जाने वाली चुनौतियों को बेहतर तरीके से समझना और उनका निराकरण करते हुए सतत लक्ष्य की और बढ़ते जाना । इतनी गूढ बात इतनी आसानी से ड्राईविंग के माध्यम से समझना फिर बहुत ही सरल शब्दों में प्रस्तुत कर पाना ।शानदार ।

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  2. You are right, life is just like driving. But be amateur because this ability to take risk is the key to learn new things. Keep testing your limits.


  3. As usual Lubhita, written with so much of ease. Its always a pleasure going through your write ups…..keep us yearning for more

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