In Bereavement…

The Smallest Coffins are the Heaviest…
No child deserves to have his life cut short in such an inhuman gruesome manner. It is not fate or an act of God that snatched away the innocent children from their parents. It is a barbaric act perpetrated by human beings against their own kind.


The violence, that tore through Peshawar’s Army Public School and bereaved not only the 130+ families but an entire nation, shocked and stunned every sane person on this planet, has got to be an eye- opener for all those who support, finance and preach this lunacy termed Jihad- the religious war.

Whose religion is this anyway? Which religion propagates this kind of hatred and cowardice? Is this an act of courage?
No, it is an act of mayhem carried out to create an atmosphere of fear, insecurity and terror in order to serve the narrow purposes of a select few. The perpetrators are not men of principle or religion because no religion sanctions such diabolical and demonic activities.

The newspapers and news channels are plastered with heart- rending images of the school in shambles, the walls scraped raw by bullet marks, the innocent blood spilt so recklessly, the memories of unfinished childhood nipped in the bud and a nation in mourning.
My heart goes out to the many mothers who have lost their children in the dastardly attack of December 16th, 2014. The irreparable loss of life and its inherent dreams that they would have to carry all their lives might turn out to be a burden too heavy for most of them.
No words will ever be able to fill the void left by this highly condemnable undertaking against guileless children.

Nida Fazli, a renowned poet and believer writes-

हर बार ये  इल्ज़ाम रह गया..!
हर काम में कोई  काम रह गया..!!
नमाज़ी उठ उठ कर चले गये मस्ज़िदों से..!
दहशतगरों के हाथ में इस्लाम रह गया..!!

खून किसी का भी गिरे यहां
नस्ल-ए-आदम का खून है आखिर
बच्चे सरहद पार के ही सही
किसी की छाती का सुकून है आखिर

ख़ून के नापाक ये धब्बे, ख़ुदा से कैसे छिपाओगे?
मासूमों के क़ब्र पर चढ़कर, कौन से जन्नत जाओगे?

कागज़ पर रख कर रोटियाँ, खाऊँ भी तो कैसे . . . . खून से लथपथ आता है, अखबार भी आजकल .

दिलेरी का हरगिज़ हरगिज़ ये काम नहीं है
दहशत किसी मज़हब का पैगाम नहीं है ….!
तुम्हारी इबादत, तुम्हारा खुदा, तुम जानो..
हमें पक्का यकीन है ये कतई इस्लाम नहीं है….!!

Isn’t it time, for the human race, to forgive and forget past excesses and move forward? Let not misguided religious bigotry rob us of a chance for a peaceful and safer tomorrow.
Let HOPE not die an untimely death like the victims of this ghastly massacre.


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