Man- an island..

I vividly remember a phrase I had read way back in my childhood in a book or a journal, I don’t remember which, but one which has stayed with me ever since… “He had become an ISLAND”…the metaphorical import of these words was lost on me. Now at this stage in my life I understand every syllable of it. There comes a time in our lives when we become islands, all of us. Its when either age stands in our way of understanding the new trends of the world or when we confine ourselves to what we once were, unable or unwilling to accept what we have become now. This is same as ignorance is bliss like what people think of me and my attitude is their problem not mine kind of philosophy. As islands can’t survive all alone, men can’t too. We need human company to survive and for that we have to accept the realities of our world. Live and let others live.
This feeling of seclusion is worst when it creeps into our lives in the most intimate fashion. Distances between husband- wives, parents-children,siblings,friends. The silence hurts and damages beautiful relationships irreparably.
Don”t be the harbinger of this kind of living hell. Learn to love and share. If u have to be something, be a river which moves tirelessly and joins the all consuming sea losing its identity for love…. CEASE BEING AN ISLAND…

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