🦸‍♀️All in a day’s work ðŸ‘¨â€âš•ï¸

Life has been good. God has been kind!

True, there are ups and downs in any life. One may be the tiniest of insects and face challenges or the king of the jungle and yet life may not be smooth. We, as humans, have more faculty to deal with problems that come our way because God has bestowed upon us the power to think, analyse and then act accordingly. So, all in all, when I look at my life objectively, I don’t find things to complain about, not even the ones that bother me because in the larger picture, the blessings far outnumber the trials.

I have made it a habit to be grateful for whatever I have, small or big. That has given me contentment. The fact that regrets are out, makes me see people and events as experiences. Some might be good, others bad. Who cares! As long as we learn from them.

Out of the many things that I feel grateful for, the most important it seems, is the chance to feel and witness the extraordinary things that ordinary people might do. I have been fortunate to have worked in an atmosphere where rarely did I see people shirking their duties. Everyone was dedicated to the institute and the work culture was relaxed yet disciplined. Nobody needed to be told twice. A task once entrusted was sure to be completed without a hitch, and if there was one, it was solved by putting our heads and energies together. No wonder I remember and miss that place even seven years after leaving it. The people I met there have become mine for life.

Such is the charisma of great team work when everything moves like a well-oiled machine. I thought that is a rare phenomenon. We couldn’t expect the same ambience everywhere we go but I was pleasantly surprised to come across nearly the same energy in the most unexpected of places.

My father was recently diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and after months of battling it with drugs, he is now on dialysis. We live in a small town but we have a state- run dialysis centre in the government hospital here. We were told it was good and moreover it would be convenient for us because we had to go there twice a week. I had seen how state- run things were managed in other sectors and hence was apprehensive. After all it wasn’t a one time thing we were getting into.

What I hadn’t expected to find, was a team that any organisation could be proud of. Led by a young yet exceptional doctor, these people make things look so easy. Their camaraderie is reassuring. They are polite, humble and hard working. I sit there for four hours, twice a week and observe them deal with panic situations with a calm that belies some of their ages too. There is nothing more magical than watching ordinary humans turn into paragons of virtue & goodness by dint of their knowledge and confidence in their training.True, they must be working there for years now but that hasn’t made them complacent. In fact, I had not seen a more patient, meticulous bunch of healthcare workers, until I met them. Each one is so adept at his or her work. They seem to have each other’s back as they carry out the same tedious and monotonous tasks day in and day out. And they do it with a smile on their faces and a spring in their steps.

I see them transforming into heroes everyday. Their countenance changes, it becomes shiny and sparkly. There is a confidence in their gait that allays the fears of their patients and a light in their eyes that says- We are here. I cannot help but smile with them. Their energy is contagious. All they want to do is help people. They do everything possible to minimise the suffering of their charges and what is most commendable is that their trainings have made them humble. The impact that their empathy and compassion have on a patient is enormous. An easy smile does it for us.

Something that could have been a harrowing experience, if the health care providers couldn’t care less, has turned out to be pleasant. I won’t say that we look forward to these two days of the week but these people and their mastery over their skills have definitely made it worthwhile.

They won’t read it, I know. But I am grateful to them for being themselves. For them, it is all in a day’s work, for us it is a debt that cannot be repaid. May God bless them with good health always.

22 thoughts on “🦸‍♀️All in a day’s work ðŸ‘¨â€âš•ï¸

  1. I thank you for your kind and grateful observance of the staff and their work and its true what u said that it’s a tedious work due to which we sometimes unwantingly usher our anger on the patients but I assure u that we remember all the patients in our personal prayers. (Shobha sister dialysis , bikaner )

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  2. Excellent Lubhita!!!!
    Full of positivity…the contentment that you talked in writing piece can be felt in your words..it has gvn me a feeling of positivity aswell..
    I really envy your power to write everything you feel.so perfectly. I think so many times to write about certain things but couldn’t. What I do is use my phn’s word document section to register them.
    It is a pleasure to read your stuff always. I’ll really wait fr your msg asking us to read your new piece of heart.
    May god provide mre power to your pen n words that is a source of calmness n pop eace to.other’s mind n heart.

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  3. My dear encyclopaedia friend
    Your writings made everything easy out of complex 😇
    Its shown all the expressions of all levels in one shot
    Dear encyclopaedia friends
    You motivate me to read and thanks as i m not a good reader but genuine
    Even this chapter have honest world of words

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  4. This blog inspires us in a completely different angle. It is always better to be grateful for what we have then cribbing about whats not going right. Beautifully expressed 😊

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  5. This is such a beautifully written piece Ma’am, something I could relate with very dearly. Your blogs always come at the right time and somehow say what we want to hear. Thank you 🤗.

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  6. Beautifully expressed……such simplicity yet so much depth …..just touches the right chords and once again leads to introspection !!

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