💔Yearning Heart💔

How the Heart Yearns!

For things that are beyond our reach.

The notions that the elders never preach.

For love, friendship and relations that instigate,

our very souls, against what the world propagates.

For chances & opportunities that are on the take

but for the leashes, we could make.

We do what is expected of us,

for family- society, the whole corpus.

We yen, we ache, we pine, we languish.

And our hearts yearn for something to accomplish,

something to Cherish!!

Ah, What Anguish!!!

23 thoughts on “💔Yearning Heart💔

  1. I understand the yearning you speak about and I can make out the leash that tie you down to the more conventional life. I agree, there are sacrifices to be made for family and other important relationships. But we can dream on! God willing, some of them do come true.
    Keep going Lubhita.. Loved it😘

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  2. बहुत ही अच्छी पंक्तिबद्ध / लयबद्ध कविता है । keep writing rhymes it can explain soul in a rhythmic way.

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