To Neha, with Love 😘 

I don’t exactly remember the day I first met you. I have a vague recollection that I saw you first in Hostel 2s3 where you and your friends were working on a chart of toppers in the warden’s room and I, a new appointee, was asked to oversee the task. I didn’t do much of overseeing, just looked over the language and observed the ‘rowdiest group on the campus’ work with a nonchalance which I was far from feeling. It was in my second year as a teacher there, that I was asked to take your class. All sorts of horror stories were attached with Class X- A. I was told that I would be booed out of the class if I am lucky, if not, I could face cat calls, indiscriminate hooting or even a chalk missile from even the most innocent looking girl, while I was writing on the blackboard.

Mercifully, none of that happened. What transpired was an instant connection with the entire class. Contrary to popular belief, I had never come across a group of girls so eager to learn. It was the quietest, most disciplined class ever. I remember, vividly, the Sunday extra classes too which you all attended with such gusto. Teaching history has never been more fun than with my Class X-A. I remember pretty much everyone from that room but the ones who have stayed beyond that classroom, beyond school, are few. You and Chhavi, the dearest among them.

When I look back, I can’t pinpoint the exact moment, we started talking but somehow, by God’s grace, I found your little group full of potential, only the veneer of mischief and recklessness needed to be peeled off.

I am sure you remember the unfortunate incident that happened when you were in Hostel 3s2 and I was off for an exam. Once that happened, I wanted to see you win at all costs. By winning I don’t mean the argument or the strife, I mean to make it big in life. I dreamt that you all, closest to my heart, would take a turn for the better, write a new page and be exemplary scholars and achievers.

Neha, you have made all of us very proud by adding feather after feather in your beautifully adorned cap. The best thing about you is that success sits so lightly on your shoulders. You have managed to stay humble and grounded even after the accolades that have come your way.

For me, you are already a 🌟 that brightens my horizon. I recall your lament when you could not make it to the roll of honors but surely you too must realise now that, it was just a minor set back in the bigger scheme that God had for you.

Being meritorious all your life, you further proved your worth by coming out, unscathed if a little scratched, of the many tight corners that life has thrown your way. You made loss your strength and fulfilled the dream of your father, against all odds.

Today, I am proud not just because your perseverance has paid off and you have accomplished the goal of becoming a Chartered Accountant, I am proud of the person you have become. I am amazed by the sheer strength of your will, your humility and the grace that you have acquired along the way.

Do you know what your name means? It means love, friendship, one who is adored, the eyes that see, the innocent dew that laces the surface at dawn. You are amongst the rare few who personify the very traits of their name.

I am out of words for the emotions that are running pell-mell in my mind. I just want to Congratulate you on your achievement and for bringing so much happiness to all those who love you.

Stay humble. Stay the same. Keep Smiling. Keep Winning.

Love Always,

37 thoughts on “To Neha, with Love 😘 

  1. This a such a sweet gesture yaara😊
    I am so blessed to have you in my life 😘
    Thank you for giving me the strength when I had a turning point in my life. Thank you for giving the courage when I faced failures. Thank you is not just enough for you 😍
    Love you to the moon and back 🎉

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  2. बधाई तुम्हे शिक्षक के रूप में उचित मार्गदर्शन प्रदान करने हेतु एवं बधाई तुम्हारी शिष्या नेहा को तुम्हारे बताये रास्तों का अनुसरण कर सफलता अर्जित करने हेतु।

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  3. Nothing can come close to the experience of being taught by an inspirational teacher like you.Thank you for making us what we are.

    Congratulations Neha moti😛😘

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  4. Congratulations Neha… n u r one of those lucky ppl whose success is being celebrated by her teacher… the way your teacher cum friend described your biography is amazing n really feel jealous n amazed at the same time how someone can describe the other in such a perfect way… your lucky to be guided in such a a way and hats off to your strength and courage to live your dream in a perfect way.
    Congrats to you n too lubhita too to hve such a person in her life …

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