✨Verbalize the Obvious✨

From times immemorial, we have heard this and most of us believe that – “Actions speak louder than words.” May be they do but being a logophile myself, I feel words are way important. There is something about words, both written and verbal, that tugs at my heart. They don’t have to be heavy and impressive all the time. Even the most mundane, regular, unremarkable, simple words, used effectively, do the trick. There is a rhythm to well-strung sentences and phrases. I believe in the beauty of words weaving their magic, their Mystic aura.

Even if I don’t talk about the technicality of a well- written piece or a well- expressed speech, I love the way words help us communicate. They bridge the gap better than any other form of communication. I grew up learning that “Speech is Silver while Silence is Golden.” As I gained some experience in life, I felt, one needs to speak up, verbalize one’s thoughts as much as one can. It clears up the air. It prevents us from ASSUMING the possibilities and makes life a lot easier.

I was going through a Quora thread yesterday and there was a question – Which one line has influenced/ had an impact on you? A very popular Quoran brought up this line that had me thinking. It is so elementary yet honest. The line was- How would you know unless I tell you?

No one can tap into our imagination. Our minds are complex and multi-dimensional. We may be thinking of any particular issue from our point of view, effectively disregarding the view of others. We may believe that we are right and as it, generally, happens in such scenarios, we make up our minds that people around us will react in a certain manner to that particular stimulant. But we will never know, for sure, unless we speak up and share our musings. Things might actually turn out quite the opposite from expectations.

I am not a life guru, far from that actually, I appreciate all the help I can get in leading my life. But there are certain things that I have learnt from experiences. Relationships, for instance, be it with parents, siblings, friends, significant others or people in general. I make it a point to say out loud what I feel for the people in my life. I say – I love you- a lot. EVEN IF IT IS OBVIOUS. Infact, more so when it is obvious. My parents know that I love them, so do my siblings and friends yet I vocalize my emotions, again and again. Some people find it weird. I think it is important. They know what their status in our lives is yet being acknowledged and openly appreciated for always being there, gives them the energy to face their own battles or demons. Who doesn’t want to have people looking out for them? I, for one, am extremely grateful and happy when I realise that somebody has my back. So, speaking up, vocalizing, gives further impetus to the one listening. Life remains the same, there is just an added spring in the step when people know that they are adored and valued. A kind word here, a hug there, is all it takes.

How many of us keep it to ourselves when we are upset or disappointed in the people around us? We either yell out our frustration or avoid being in direct line of contact with such people. Meaning, we either vocalize our dissent or make it plain through our actions that we are distressed. We make our feelings known and what a relief it is to have that negativity off our chests!! Why can’t we do the same with positive, life- affirming emotions? Won’t that spread a whole lot more joy, happiness, love and understanding in our lives?

I have a motherly figure in my life. I call her Maa. She exemplifies vocalization of the obvious. She is such a charming, generous person. One cannot be anything but full of affection and tenderness around her. I know she loves me and vice versa but she never misses a chance to say so and sometimes that makes all the difference to my dreary day. The good thing is that she balances her words and actions in such a way that whichever philosophy we follow – action or words- we know we are held dear.

Say it if you feel it. Even if it is a tough call, don’t worry how people will take it. Being human, each one of us is bestowed with intelligence and emotional quotient to listen, analyse, accept and understand another’s point of view. We, eventually, learn to deal with onerous, awkward and irksome matters too. Never hesitate if it is Love you are vocalizing.

Life is short. Don’t leave things unsaid.

How would people know unless you tell them?

Think about it.

22 thoughts on “✨Verbalize the Obvious✨

  1. Superb write up. Should say reality. God has blessed us with quality to express our feelings with words. If we dont use it we leave many questions. Great blog. Keep writing n update me too….

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  2. This one’s far too relatable. I haven’t been very vocal myself and I’m currently working on it. I really applaud you for writing about these things which many a times remains untouched. Beautifully written:)

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  3. True….words matter a lot…don’t know effect of positive one exactly but have seen consequences of negative words came out of mouth due to ignorance n lack of practical exposure. Generally people fail to understand you by actions but will b after your double meaning words which u spoke normally but carry some negative meaning too. Hell out of reality I suffer a lot due to words.

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  4. पूर्णतया सहमत एक एक वाक्य अपनी सम्पूर्णता के साथ लिखा गया है दूसरे शब्दों में शब्द अपने अर्थ प्रस्तुत करने में सफल रहे । तुम को इस गहन psychology की समझ प्रदान करने वाली ‘माॅ’ को नमन ।

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  5. Words we deliver are actually the Colors of our moods as well as our feelings we are possessing at a time.It may be bright,may be over prized,may be hollow ,may be futile ,may be a truth ,may be a lie……..but once said is always said.Hence balancing them is of utmost importance .
    Lubhita you Pen is turning magical day by day…….I anticipate for your word weighted blogs…..
    Early morning your valuable words come as blessing in disguise for me.love you

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