​💫 Our fingerprints do not fade away from the lives we have touched.💫

Wasn’t it J. K. Rowling who made the word ALWAYS mean much more than the Queen’s language could ever convey? 

This simple word containing two miniscule syllables came to denote a plethora of emotions. It became a symbol of undying love. It became synonymous with unconditional, unwavering, belief and trust in someone who wasn’t even there for you. It escalated the character of Snape from a regular love- jilted villain to a man who didn’t want anything in return, a man whose love was never reciprocated, a man who was devoted nevertheless, a man who never gave up, a man who never backtracked on his commitment, whatever the price.

It takes a lot of strength to be that person. It takes a lot of goodness to be able to give out that much love, affection and tenderness. I thought such characters existed only in books. Not getting what one vies for and still making something of one’s life, enriching others and still managing to keep that flame burning is Quixotic, it is unreal. 

I know a person who has given up everything for the love of his life. His devotion is legendary. His level of commitment, idealistic. He just doesn’t know how to give up on her. My piece today salutes him and his spirit. I want to tell him that – it’s when you are completely down and out that you get the motivation to rise up again and work for your life. Staying strong and making something of yourself when odds are stacked up against you, proves the mettle of a man. 

For me you are the Sun that shines, no matter what. May you get all the happiness in life that you so truly deserve. You embody the word Love. Just direct some of it towards yourself now. I must have done something really good or virtuous to have gotten to know you so closely. Your goodness rubs off on other people. I have been fortunate. 

Stay Calm. Stay Strong. Stay the Same. Flourish. 


6 thoughts on “✨Always✨

  1. It’s very difficult that we meet such person in our life…but if we meet one…me must value him ….Ur words convey a deep message…well said…

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